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Globalization and Health volume 12Article : 5 Cite this article. Metrics details.

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We analyzed the Ethiopian demographic and health survey data. Compared with men the degree of the problem extends up to less access to land, assets, and other productive resources [ 3 ].

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Bivariate logistic regression was conducted to examine the crude association between each dimension of IPV with each covariate. Overall Physical and emotional violence were each experienced by The age difference between a woman and her intimate partner has a positive effect on emotional and sexual violence while the opposite is true for physical violence. Intimate partner violence IPV is a worldwide concern; nearly a third of women experience at least one type of violence from their partners at least once in their life time [ 4 ].

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Protecting women against violence has various implications not only to the women herself but also to the society in general [ 17 ]. In the first stage, a total of EAs in urban areas and in rural areas were selected with probability proportional to EA size and with independent selection in each sampling stratum.


Each region was stratified into urban and rural areas, yielding 21 sampling strata. Women remain to consistently fall behind men in entrepreneurship, formal labor force participation, credit access, income levels, and ownership and inheritance rights [ 19 ]. Women experience physical, emotional as well as sexual violence. Despite there are studies conducted in the country before, they are limited to some specific geographical location.

Samples of EAs were selected independently in each stratum in two stages. For example in Ethiopia, especially in the rural setting, women spend more than 14 hours of hard and detrimental physical labor [ 2 ]. An EA is a geographic area covering on average households. There is limited empirical evidence documenting intimate partner violence and underlying reasons in Ethiopia.

Finally, multiple logistic regression was conducted to identify independent predictors of each dimension of IPV. All analyses were adjusted for clusters and sample weights. A of reasons can be listed to explain why this happens. Transfer of asment sheets from team editors to interviewers and transfer of completed questionnaires from interviewers to editors were performed electronically. By the year every country is expected to be IPV free. All women age 15—49 who were either permanent residents of the selected households or visitors who stayed in the household the night before the survey were eligible to be interviewed.

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Multiple logistic regression was conducted to identify independent predictors. Substantial proportion of women in Ethiopia continue to suffer from intimate partner violence. Administratively, Ethiopia is divided into nine regions and two administrative cities. One woman per household was selected for the domestic violence module. If the situation continues as is the countries cost more to attain development in all dimensions [ 3 ]. The devastating thing is that, they are marginalized from the benefits. In addition to these, lower educational status of the partner affects emotional violence positively.

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On top of these burdens, most of the time women are exposed to violence from their partner [ 4 ]. In the second stage of selection, a fixed of 28 households per cluster were selected with an equal probability systematic selection from the newly created household listing. The situation is much worse in low income countries [ 5 ]. Their burden is twofold; one they are responsible for raising income for the livelihood of their family and the other, caring for children and the whole family.

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Considering the deep rooted practice and consequences of IPV against women, the sustainable development goals SDG has put an agenda of eliminating all forms of violence against women [ 16 ]. Data on violence against women were collected using this questionnaire.

Domestic violence measured in three dimensions: physical violence, emotional violence and sexual violence. Relatively poorer quintile takes the highest proportion The survey sampling was stratified and selected in two stages. In the light of determinants, we have reported in here, we recommend empowering women in all realm of life by improving their socio-economic status with focus to their educational and economic status. Its consequences range from personal health problems up to countrywide loss of productivity and poverty.

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As compared to other age groups highest proportion of women Most of the women, Close to two third, The respondents were evenly distributed along the five wealth quintiles with little difference. The sampling frame for the study was a complete list of 84, enumeration areas EAs created for the population and housing census.

Their low educational status on top of the existing adverse socio-cultural trends force them to participate in unskilled activities [ 1 ].

Sexual and reproductive health of young people with disability in ethiopia: a study on knowledge, attitude and practice: a cross-sectional study

The data were described using frequency and percentage. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Moreover, physical violence was ificantly associated with place of residence, and husband education.

A total of women were selected and respond for questions related to domestic violence. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Physical and emotional violence were much more common than sexual violence.

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Under-investing in women limits development, slows down poverty reduction and economic growth. Implicit stratification and proportional allocation were achieved at each of the lower administrative levels by sorting the sampling frame within each sampling stratum before sample selection, according to administrative units in different strata, and by applying a probability proportional to size selection at the beginning point of sampling.

Relevant variables for this study were extracted form EDHS data. A total of women aged between 15 and 49 were selected for interview. All analysis were adjusted for clusters and sample weights. In legal terms IPV is a breach of human right [ 4 ] and exposes women to numerous problems.

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IPV was measured using three dimensions; namely; physical, emotional and sexual violence. About 2, women aged 15—49 years were included in the survey. Interviewers selected for the survey used tablet computers to record responses during the interviews. Ethiopia has an estimated population of The survey was conducted from January 18,to June 27,based on a nationally representative sample that provides estimates at the national and regional levels and for both urban and rural areas.

Even if cultural variables may predict, enormous contribution have been made by socio-economic variables of the society [ 8 ].

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The primary objective of survey was to provide up-to-date estimates of key demographic and health indicators. Studies undertaken in Ethiopia so far, have indicated that more than half of women experience violence from their intimate partners at least once in their life time [ 72021 ].

Variables with p-value less than 0. M Corporation software for analysis. Intimate partner violence is a major challenges faced by women especially in developing world. Psychological and mental problems were also associated with IPV [ 1314 ].

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A household listing operation was carried out in all of the selected EAs from September to December The resulting lists of households served as a sampling frame for the selection of households in the second stage. Women in the developing world are active participants of both economic and non-economic activities of the household. Intimate partner violence was measured in three dimensions: physical, emotional and sexual violence. Furthermore, there were reports of economic, physical and social crisis attributable to IPV [ 15 ].

Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the magnitude of intimate partner violence and associated factors in Ethiopia.

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Studies conducted in various African nations uncover that highest proportion of women experience violence from their partners [ 67 ]. The tablets were equipped with Bluetooth technology to enable remote electronic transfer of files. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess intimate partner violence against women in terms of physical, emotional and sexual dimensions and identify associated factors for the three dimensions using a nationally representative data.

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