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Will you give me your hand on it and your ayes? And now Royal Blondln waaJpaefe again, and she was not ready for him.

New, that's more friendly. She had gone In spirit to that old, shabby parlor to which Linda and Fred had carried Josephine's crib late every night sad where sheet music had cascaded from the upright piano. At first ft had been but a shivering apprehension of his claims, an anticipation of what he might expect or want from her. Isabelle was an Indifferent mother, and an incorrigible flirt, but t the first word, at the first bint ah, there would be no arguing, no weigh- fag of the old blame and responflbn.

I know that! He bad brought poetry, music, art Into the sordid little parlor of the Watertown apartment; he had helped Harriet to tame and house those soaring ambitions. But what she saw reassured her, Boyal Blondln had squared himself j about, and had folded his arms, and was staring darkly Into space.

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In a gentler tone. It was the uppermost thought for years how many years? But In the meantime, Mother mustn't blame some one who has just a little more discern seat than well, young Brevoort, for example, for seeing that her tame dote is realty a wild Uttle seagull for the sea. That's better. No; they hadn't the least Idea. And It sn't make for happiness. The man had tuiied about a little, his eyas were all Tor her, and his arm, laid carelessly along the back of the green bench.

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Harriet had abakea back bar bair, h,d hammered furious fiata - when she waa so secure and happy I bl. She saw, with the young husband and wife, a fiery, tumble-head girt of fif teen or sixteen, who helped with her sister's cooking and housework, who adored the baby, who planned a future on the stage, or as a great painter, or as great writer the means mat tered not so much that the end was fame and wealth and happiness for Harriet Fred had brought Boyal Blondlnln to upper one night, and Royal bad laughed with the others at the spirited little waitress who delivered herself of tremendous decisions while she came and went with plates, and forgot to take off ber checked blue apron when ahe finally slipped Into ber place.

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Nina wandered about In a dase of pleasure and satis faction for another half-hour, paying attentions to Mother's poky friends with a sparkle and charm that amazed them. Little Olrll" he warned her. But he was nine years older than Harriet Field.

Then came a saner time, when she told her self that ahe waa an independent hu man being aa well as he, that aha might meet his argument with argu ment and hla threat with threat But for the past year or two ber lessening thoughts of htm had taken new form. Fred Davenport was offered a position on Brooklyn paper, and we all moved from Watertown to Brooklyn. Harriet bad hoped that when they met again she might be In a position to punish Royal Blondln, to look down at him from heights that even his audacity might not scale.

Shall I two you? Nina's heart fluttered nerv ously. Tell me what you Bald? Ward said, was no longer at the tea table; she had left a message to the effect that she was walking home and would be there as soon as they were. Royal Blondln went straight from Nina to the tea table, which was al most deserted now.

Look op 1 want to aee those yea.

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He was silent she had somehow said the awkward thing again! It was with an Involuntary and bitter little laugh that she said: "Tou had no monopoly of that Roy. Won't you believe that I felt terrible that I walked the streets, Harriet praying praying!

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Her pitiful achievements, her beauty, her French and Spanish, her sober book reading, and her little affecta tions of fine linen and careful speech, all seemed to crumple to nothing. I am old enough to be your father, you know; you may tell Mother that it Is perfectly safe. Guided by Harriet who waa familiar with the place, they slipped through the hallway, and out a aide door. I want you to tell me that you you aren't angry with me. I was grateful for It; I only wanted to dis appear 1 Linda stood by me, ber chil dren saved my Ufa I was a nursery maid for a year or two I never saw anybody or went anywhere!

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Harriet saw him coming, and she knew what hour had come. I thought of you, too. She felt again those kisses that bad waked the little-girl heart Into passionate wom anhood; she shut her eyes and pressed her hand tight against them. And then I saw you. Ska could not score now.

Can yen get away? Juft aa honest, brave, bewildered little gin, wondering why the deuce they make such a fuss about nothing he and bridge parties and dln- f. Pre been thinking of you all night" "I've been thinking, too," ahe said, simply. And now I'll take yea back to be scolded tor running away from your friends for so long. The man had been a derelict then. She seemed again to be the furious, help less, seventeen-year-old Harriet of the Watertown days, her armor Inef fectual against that suave and self confident presence.

Mother expects It? Of course she does I And erne day she'll expect to dress you In white, and bid us all to come and dance at the wedding! But It never meant you. Presently Ward and the demure Amy Hawkes found her; the car was waiting. But 'cases'! She had always thought that he must come back; for yean the fear had haumed her at very street crossing, at every- ring of Linda's doorbell.

But I'm glad to bear you say this, Roy," ahe added. Bat ha could hurt her Irreparably if he would. There exquisite homage In the dronned. That la full sight of the house, too, If Let tics or Anna came back. Knt his" dark head. They stared at each other Innocently, on the brink of fresh laughter. She was not wearing her glasses today, and hers were fine eyes, albeit a trifle promi nent and with a somewhat strained expression. Can we go some where? Nice boy, all of them I Bat not worth your while I" Nina murmured a confidence.

What a hell I went through? Miss Field.

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Tou knew you knew how desperately I tried to find you, Harriet? He asked Amy and Nina, whose Irre pressible gossip and giggling met with only silence and scowls from his su perior altitude, If they knew why Miss Harriet nad decided to walk. He had had the same delightful voice, the same pen etrating eyes. She had forced herself to unbind the wrappings, to look at th old wound. Flirt adult Mexico MO he was waiting, perhaps aa fearfully as ahe, for his cue, waa evidenced by the quick relief with which he echoed the old familiarity.

That time, she told herself In the fever of the night had not yet come. There was reason for her paleness today, and for the faint violet shadows about her beautiful eyes. My one thought, my one hope, when I last saw you, in Linda's bouse," she went on, with sudden pas sion, "waa that I would never see you again!

She stood up as he reached her, and they measured each other narrowly, with unsmiling eyes. So young a happy a confident 1 ptanglag headlong lata that searing blaeknesa. Come, how about It? Are we going to be friends? I'm dining with Mother tomorrow. Our going away waa a mere chance. Fvo been waiting all this time to find you t I'd heard Ward speak of 'Miss Field. I look back," Harriet said, talking more to herself than to him, and walking swiftly along In the golden sunset that streamed across the old back road, "and I wonder I didn't go stark, star ing mad!

And you don't nt to fall In lore with one of these for a year or two, anyway T h, my, no I" Nina felt the expres sion Inadequate, but her breath had been taken away. Harriet had lata awake deep Into the night toss ing and feverish. They had no sooner gained silence and soli tude than the man began deliberately : "Harriet I have not thought of any thing else since I came upon you yes terday, after all these years.

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